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Fill The Trailer

We will be collecting items for the Cambridge Food Bank.  Our goal is to fill our gear trailer with as much food as possible.  This is a crazy time we are living in and not everyone has what they need.  Let's work together and support our community!

The Food Bank is looking for the following items:

- Peanut Butter

- Rice

- Canned Fish

- Soups/Stews

- Brown Beans in Sauce

- Pasta
- Pasta Sauce

- Jarred Baby Food

- Child Friendly Snacks (nut free)
- Canned Fruit and Vegetables

After speaking with the Cambridge Food Bank basically everything is needed.  If you have anything to spare please let us know and we'll come pick it up.  We are offering porch pick up as well.

Please book a time using the link below!

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