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Lighting - Why It Matters

Congratulations! You're engaged and now planning your wedding! You've bought your dress, found your flowers, got some rings and selected your entertainment....hopefully Nitro Music! It's time to think about decor. Most people think about fabric, flowers and candles as decor. Have you heard for lightscaping? You can use lighting to really make a huge impact to your room! There's so many ways to use lighting it's hard to list them all. Make sure you ask your entertainment if they offer various lighting options. You don't want your cake to get lost in the dark.

Decor Lighting In YOUR Wedding Venue

If you’re planning an evening reception, make sure to visit your site at least once when it’s dark outside. Look around the room and see what the installed lighting looks like. Lights that illuminate the walls, windows, and ceiling can draw attention away from the center of the room — and you want to keep everyone’s eyes on the tables, dance floor, and each other. Ask if the site has dimmers for their overhead lights, and if there’s any florescent lighting at all. Consider keeping the florescent lighting off as it's quite a harsh light and not very flattering.

Determine What You Want

There are many different options with lighting. The selection normally comes down to importance and budget. Once you have established what you want to spend, you must ask yourself, “what is the most important element of lighting to me and my event?” Lighting can help accent the room and create a mood. It can also add colour to a dull background like wooden panels. Not everyone knows how lighting can do this, so make sure to ask the professionals around you.

How Will It Work With Your Theme Or Colours

Well this is one of the best things about decor lighting - it works GREAT with almost any theme or any colour. We can almost 'brand your reception' with the things that we can do. An important thing to remember with colour is that your room doesn't have to be ONE colour. We can do multiple colours in room, or we can do slight variations of colour in the room. About the only colours that we can't really create are gold, silver, and black. With the right programming, nearly any colour is possible!

Below are a couple options you could choose for your wedding. Maybe it'll get some creative juices flowing and you'll think of other ways to use lighting to make an impact. If you have any questions please call or email us as we would love to discuss your reception!

Uplighting: This is when a light is placed on the ground and shoots a beam of light upwards. Uplighting can be used to enhance the whole room and introduce colour. It's a great option to introduce the theme through the room and surround your guests with light! It's a simple way to create moods and add some style to the walls or enhance various objects around a room. If you couldn't tell, this was from a Holiday Party.

Pin spot: This is when a focused beam of light highlights an object. You'll notice how this pin spot enhances the cake. It allows you to showcase different area's of the room so they don't get lost in the darkness. This couple wanted to have a "cool"ness to their pin spot as it was a Winter themed wedding. We just added some blue tone to the light to create it.

Custom Monograms: This is a popular option! You'll be able to add your name in lights! It's a great option to personalize a room and create a real "awe" moment with your guests! There are plenty of designs to choose from to suit everyones taste. It doesn't have to be just words and numbers. We can create images with Gobo's aswell to great textures across different walls and fabrics.

Now that you know how lighting can impact your reception start to think how you'd want to incorporate it into your special day. Don't forget to ask the professionals around you to see what they offer.

As always, Nitro Music is here to help. Feel free to email or call us anytime!

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