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Booking a DJ

We've seen quite a few posts online and received calls about DJ's/Entertainers cancelling on couples or even worse, disappearing lately. Unfortunately we notice a few things in common with these companies. Here's a few things to look for when booking a DJ/Entertainer for your function.

Does the company have a website?

In the digital age we live in, a website is a MUST. To elaborate a little bit, is the website professional looking and does the company have their own domain (eg. is our own domain; where or are not owned domains). A company that is willing to invest in maintaining a website and purchasing their own custom domain is generally a company that will stick around and not disappear on you. It's a simple thing to look for. If a company doesn't have a website, perhaps move on. Doesn't have a custom domain, perhaps think twice. If they can't invest in themselves, how invested will they be in your day?

Is the company insured?

Every company should have a minimum of $2 million liability insurance. Don't be afraid to ask for proof. Many venues are starting to ask for proof so why can't you? Insurance will cover you for those "just in case" scenarios. You never know what's going to happen so why take the risk with a DJ/Entertainer that isn't insured? In our opinion it's better to be safe than sorry. This would be another example of, if they aren't willing to invest in themselves, how invested will they be with your special day? We can't stress enough the importance of the company having insurance. If you take one thing away from this post, it should be this: Ask your Entertainment Company if they have insurance and to prove it.

What's the companies focus?

While you're researching online what does the company seem to focus on? Do you see lots of information about Weddings and Special Events, or is it more Club related? Although all may not agree, we believe there is a difference between DJ'ing at a Club vs. DJ'ing at a Wedding. There's certain timings that needs to be spot on to make a Wedding spectacular and there is a wider age range we cater to at weddings. There are also different events that happen during a Wedding that not all DJ's would know about. Looking on Facebook, Google, Instagram and other social media platforms is a great way to see if the companies focus is really on Weddings, or somewhere else.

Online reviews?

What are people saying online? If you don't find any reviews online, or if a Facebook page isn't allowing reviews, this would be a red flag. We would ask the question 'why won't they allow people to leave reviews?' However, if it's a new company maybe cut some slack on this one. Everyone needs to start somewhere and they may not have any reviews yet. If it is a new company make sure you ask lots of questions to ensure they are prepared and have what it takes to make your day the best it can be! Another great place to look or ask for reviews are in Facebook Wedding Swap and Sell pages.

To sum it all up, trust your gut. If something doesn't feel right in your conversations with the company or with your research then move on to the next one. These are a few things you can scope out to help you select a company that wont bail on you. We understand that price can be a big factor when selecting vendors. You'll want to make sure you spend your money on what's important to you, but also with the things that leave an everlasting impact.

There are many online resources you can use. Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Google Searches, Google Reviews and also sites like the Ontario Wedding Association.

Happy Planning!

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